1866 – LORANG
LORANG, a haulage company, is founded principally to transport steel products between the steel plants Eich in Luxemburg and Burbach in Saarland. 

Traders from Luxembourg, France and Germany found the companies MANUPORT and PORTLUX at a new harbour at the Moselle, Mertert. They create a high performance infrastructure on two quays for goods handling in the harbour, and through their carrier activities they transform the only inland harbour in Luxembourg into a central intersection for transport by ship, rail and truck in Europe.

1975 – LORANG
LORANG takes over the carrier J.A. Welter and thereby gains a specialist for cargo transportation.

1981 – LORANG
The company moves from its old site in Dommeldingen to its new site in Luxemburg-Findel.

1992 – LORANG
After the European borders have been opened, LORANG focuses on the continuously growing market for complete and partial loads and transfers the cargo handling to partner companies.

1992 – LUXPORT
The companies Portlux and Manuport merge into LUXPORT SA and thereby realize a common logistics project for procurement, sorting and just-in-time delivery.

1997 – LORANG
The company documents its high quality standards through ISO certification according to the DIN 9000 standard series.

1997 – TCT
With funding from the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the construction of the container terminal is started. For this an operating company was specially founded: the Trierer Container Terminal GmbH.

1998 – LORANG
The IT system is extended to provide dynamic data exchange, allowing customers transparency in all transactions.

1998 – LUXPORT
The construction of a new cargo handling and logistics terminal for flat steel is completed.

1998 – TCT
The Trierer Container Terminal opens as the first container port on the Moselle and, in this way, creates an important intersection point for modern logistics.
2001 – LUXPORT
Due to the high demand from international customers, the capacity of the logistics terminal is doubled to more than 9,000 m2.

2002 – TCT
LUXPORT S.A. becomes the main shareholder of TCT.

2006 – LUXPORT
LUXPORT joins forces with the freight forwarding business LORANG, thereby ensuring that the entire logistics are now available from a single provider. The companies, now under a unified management, move into a common corporate building.

2009 – LORANG
Foundation of LORANG GMBH with headquarters in Trier, firmly anchoring the road haulage activities in Germany.