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IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME: We offer complete solutions for truck transport and warehouse logistics as well as state-of-the-art telematics and data transfer right up to the safe arrival of your goods at the destination.

CUSTOMISED ROUTES AND DATES EXACTLY ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS: What is too difficult for ot- hers to do, is a challenge for us. We deal with many special transports per year in addition to conventional jobs. We organise the route planning and monitoring so that the deadline will be met, even when it comes to difficult jobs. Put your trust in a responsible company with a well-coordinated team who gives their all for you.

PERSONAL COMPANY PILOT CARS QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS: Decades of expe- rience in specific, special and high-value transport have made us absolute professio- nals in this field. The knowledge, skills and experience of our specialists are put into every single transport.

SECURITY TRAILERS: We offer tailor-made solutions and measures according to inter- national standards for the optimal security of your valuable goods flows. Around the clock, a team of specialists supervise the processes that are specially tailored just for you.


For inquiries contact us by phone (+352 74 96 10 – 1)

or send us a Mail.

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